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Best of both worlds, or your own living Barbie doll - either way, You Win!


Much of this site is a personal ad. I know there are women who not only enjoy what I seek but may even push me further with their own desires. Perhaps cliche, but be careful what you ask for. I have struggled to try and find this elusive woman, so my hopes in creating this site, she stumbles across it and finds me.

There is greater detail in the About Me and Seeking pages, but in short, I am looking for a woman who enjoys feminizing and making their partner their very own living doll. It could be embracing and enjoying the more feminine energy of a "girls night out" or perhaps the power dynamic of taking the masculine and making them your submissive maid, but in the end, it comes down to your enjoyment. When you were a girl, did you punish your brother by dressing him in frilly dresses, or maybe it amused you dressing Ken in Barbie's clothes? If you did either of these and found them enjoyable or entertaining, then you may be the type of woman I am looking for.


B&W Illustration of leather mistress feminizing bound male slave in corset and lingerie


This site is a lot of things.

First and foremost, the Myself & My Desires section is about me and whom I seek. I describe things that stimulate my mind, what I bring to the table, who I imagine you may be, and try to give you insight into what moves me. One thing you may ask, why did I go through so much trouble to create this site. It is because you are rare. You are hard to find. In some ways, I am putting myself out there in the hope you find me.

At the same time, this site helps me think and reflect on what I desire. An example of this is my reflection on Forced Femme vs Enforced Femme. For years and more than a decade, I thought what I desired was Forced Feminization, though I always thought it a misnomer. In creating this site and reflecting through my writing, I came to understand that I desire to be feminized for periods of time, but where the real excitement comes from is her desires and her control of the feminization. I do tend to be submissive when dressed en femme, but it was this discovery that really led me to understand that what I desired most was not to dress, but rather her desire for me to be dressed.

The "Galleries" section is filled with images that I love that fall into many categories - it is eye-candy across the spectrum of female domination, sissy maids, and high-end leather fashions. It is all good and something I hope increases the appeal of this site as well as increases its popularity.

I have a feeling this site will grow as well. Sadly, there are so many like myself who not only desire to dress but more so, want an active partner who enjoys feminization. Perhaps it will become a way for others to find the women of their dreams, or maybe for women who are just discovering their partner has deep desires, to understand what is going on.

I can't speak for others, because in my experience, the more I talk with people, the more I see how varied this niche can be. But I feel I can offer more than most. I am both masculine and feminine and I seek to retail both. Ultimately where that balance lies, whether it is 80/20 to 20/80 or somewhere in between, that I solely place upon her will and desires. I am willing and capable of embracing and adapting to absorb all that she can guide and train me. I want the deepest of all connections, to be her closest girlfriend and enjoy the soft tender things, but to be her undying rock of strength to protect and support

Did I miss anything? If so, feel free to drop me an email at, or drop a comment via the "Contact Form" to submit anonymously.

But lastly - The focus of this site is that of a heterosexual male. While I enjoy the thought of being feminized and being a living doll for a vivacious and dynamic woman - My focus is there. The crossdressing community is a wide and vast spectrum. While there are many sissies out there who are looking for their alpha male or daddy, so many of us are looking for what would otherwise be a traditional relationship, albeit far more stylish, fabulously dressed, and with a much deeper and intimate connection.

I have heard from some that the best chances are to find a bisexual woman. That so many of them have a deep appreciation, attraction, and desire for feminity, but still can be drawn to the masculine. It is there, that I feel I am uniquely qualified. I can and will be the typical protector and provider, but I am willing and desiring as well to be morphed into something more feminine and glamourous. How expansive the breath between those two poles all falls to your imagination and creativity. I am open and willing to make this fantasy a reality and truly embrace all that is possible.


Feel free to drop a line to and we can see where it goes