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Can one resist the deepest desires to be feminized? What if the opportunity for fantasy to come true presents itself?


Dream II
Leashed feminized male awaits the needs of their corseted muse.


Be Careful What You Ask For...
Surrendering to a woman to be feminized, even temporarily, opens one up to many vulnerabilities. These can excite, but also scare.
To be the "locked" Leather Maid...
Inner workings and vision for a deep seated fantasy of being feminized and locked as a Mistress' very own leather maid.
Marry Me and Be My Forever.
Thoughts and perspective of becoming a sissy bride to a Dominate Mistress including being dressing in a formal wedding dress and making vows.
Mistress Maria - The Feminized Living Doll
A series of images of Mistress Maria, one of the trainers for Mrs Silk's House of Enforced Feminisation, the eleation she takes in creating her living doll, and how much her enjoyment of the same is at the core of my desire.
Enforced Feminization
Thoughts and ideas about the nuanced difference between "enforced" and "forced" feminization as well as further expansion on many of the things I desire.
Links and External Resources
Added links to external sites covering dating, dressing services and Dommes specializing in feminization play
Makeup Artists Wanted - Boston area
Are you talented with makeup? In the Boston area? Transform me into an image of femininity


Feel free to drop a line to me and we can see where it goes