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Mistress Maria - The Feminized Living Doll


Mistress Maria enjoying her feminized sissy maid


I just adore these images - So much of what they express would be a delight and dream for me.

To say I have a "domme-crush" on Mistress Maria would be to put it lightly. Beauty. Grace. Power. Style. A room-brightening smile. I am sure she is not one to be trifled with when angered, but I can only imagine that most, like myself, would just be compelled to do our utmost to please to just see that big smile upon her lips.

And while almost nothing brings me to my knees more than an attractive woman in a finely tailored leather suit, more so, in these images, it is the blissful expression as she plays with her feminized toy. She has stripped away his masculine exterior and replaced it with soft, feminine features, and created an adorable living doll. In her looks, I also see a triumphant satisfaction. No doubt the degree of his feminization is pleasing to her. It is not just dressing him. It is the absolute transformation and the expanse by which she has shifted him into such a soft, lovely, and attractive living doll.


Mistress Maria enjoying her feminized sissy maid


Even deeper, there is a flirtatious tenderness. The way she embraces him and cups his new cleavage with such delight. The carefree toss of her head as she has one arm around his back while the other glides up his stockings. How she affectionately nestles cheek to cheek.

These images are near perfect in expressing my most carnal desires. It is to be feminized and adored but also helpless under her absolute authority. The only missing piece is showing that the dress is locked on - The demonstration of her complete dominion over his feminization.


Mistress Maria enjoying her feminized sissy maid


There is a sensual undeniable connection between the two of them, and that - that je nais sais quoi, that is the core of what I want. To be a living doll, a puppet on a string for her amusement, but at the same time, loved and affectionately cared for. But above the being such an object, what I deeply desire are her smiles, elation, and enjoyment.


Mistress Maria enjoying her feminized sissy maid


In the end, I would be her pawn and puppet. Her smile and energy are addictive and ultimately what I want to experience.

What do you see in these images?


Feel free to drop a line to me and we can see where it goes