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UPDATE - Random thoughts about finding support / makeup advice on Craigslist and flagged posts.

And for the nuts and bolts - I am just slipped over into my 50s, attractive, carrying a few extra at the moment, but expect to make sure I am not in the plus sizes. I have a useful appearance and generally most people would guess I was in my 30s.

I am a juxtaposition of being active and adventurous while enjoying privacy and quietly relaxing at home. I ride motorcycles and even raced for a few seasons, put my head down and put in the diligent work to successful complete several full distance Ironman races as well as many halves and Olympic distance races. As you can see, I tend to fully immerse myself into things. I am strong but tender. I enjoy being close and touching. If you wear those high heels that make your legs look so nice, I am always sure to give a long foot rub to help soothe those feet.

As mentioned, I enjoy being handy and self-reliant. I like to learn and am generally quick at picking up new skills. As alluded to, I am pretty much an omnivore when it comes to most things - I am constantly learning, am inquisitive, a good listener and not afraid to work at a relationship. I am monogamous and will not cheat – I can be forgiving to a degree when others have wronged me, but also will not be walked over. Relationships can be work and ultimately it is more about two people adapting to themselves as their part of the relationship. People change, grow, and evolve, and those should all be positive and empowering things.

Communication. Honesty. Openness. Respect. Trust. Laughter. These are all cornerstones of myself and what I can offer. I like trying new things, but also very comfortable being at home. While I enjoy wine and an occasional single malt or bourbon, I am no longer really into a bar or club scene beyond get-togethers with friends. Though not really a thing these days, I also tended to shy away from the after work socials, not because I don't like the people I work with, but because most people with just talk about work as a shared interest, seems too much like I was still at work.

So much of who I am really is the polar opposite of this desire expressed in this site, which is why perhaps it has so much of a draw. Creating a site like this may seem a bit extreme, but on the other hand, it is fringe pretty much everywhere else. On the standard dating sites, this pretty much is a kink that would frighten off many or equally draw jeers. While this does border on some of the BDSM power exchange - I find myself more fashion than fetish, and this is more of exciting play than a lifestyle perhaps.


Feel free to drop a line to and we can see where it goes

Really needed to add one more photo of things that excite me. I do adore this image of Kenda James all leathered up and such a docile maid.


Kendra James in leather corset and gloves being served by kneeling submissive maid in leather maid uniform