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Deciding to try and keep this fresh with some regular updates and not just let this become stale. Maybe I will add a full on blog with comments, but for now, will likely add an image or two with comments weekly.


Crotch high leather boots, spurs, strapon    2024-02-25 - "Boots and Spurs"
Leashed feminized male awaits the needs of their corseted muse    2022-08-12 - "Dream II"
Mrs Silk feminizing her sissy maid with Estrogen    2022-02-26 - "Mrs Silk - Estrogen"
Mistress Adrienne in Claude Montana red oversized leather coat    2021-12-29 - "Mistress Adrienne - 2-Years later ..."
Feminized male in latex catsuit, leather corset, blindfolded and gagged, waits...    2021-12-18 - "Waiting..."
Absolutely amazing and inescapble locking leather corset    2021-11-19 - "Misssed Dream - AMAZING Locking Leather Corset"
Mistress Adrienne at a bar being serviced by her sissy    2021-11-12 - "Mistress Adrienne and sissy"
an elegant woman peers over her sunglasses, dressed in a fabulous leather coat and enjoying tea in a park    2021-11-11 - "Tea in the Park"
a dominate nurse restrains her sissy and prepares to administer a dose of estrogen to further feminize her slave    2021-11-10 - "Forced Injection"
Mrs Silk, Mistress Maria, and sissy maid - Leather domination in Jitrois    2021-03-01 - "Mrs Silk, Mistress Maria, and sissy maid - Leather domination in Jitrois"
Looking back at the reflected image at what you have become being forced feminized    2021-02-20 - "Mirror - Look at what she is creating"
Mrs Silk in classic satin pussy bow blouse    2021-02-01 - "Tribute to Mrs Silk"
Eric Stanton and Man to Maiden Artwork the same?    2021-02-01 - "Imitation Sincerest Form of Flattery - Eric Stanton image reworked?"
Kendra James in leather corset, long leather gloves and pantyhose being served my kneeling submissive in leather maid uniform    2020-09-24 - "Kendra James Leather Mistress and Maid"
Dame Diana Rigg adorned in leather catsuit for TV Show 'The Avengers'    2020-09-10 - "Diana Rigg / Emma Peel - Rest in Peace"
Stunning young woman in ankle length fur trimmed black leather coat    2020-09-09 - "Who Are You?"
Ali Franco 'My Beautiful Lady' depicting woman in lingerie lovingly applying lipstick to feminized male    2020-09-05 - "My Beautiful Lady"
Mistress Adrienne NYC in Moschino balloon cuff leather gloves and thigh high leather boots    2020-09-03 - "Mistress Adrienne NYC"
cover artwork from Centurian's Enslaved Sissies and Maid magazine    2020-09-02 - "Enslaved Sissies and Maids"
Mistress Amanda Wildefyre in PVC gown and feminized male maid on leash in pvc maid uniform at event    2020-08-31 - "Mistress Amanda Wildefyre"
Cover artwork to Bizarre Video Productions 'Man to Maiden' movie about man captured and forced feminized by two beautiful women dressed in latex becoming their shemale slave    2020-08-29 - "Man to Maiden"


Feel free to drop a line to me and we can see where it goes