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Images I Like - Kendra James Leather Mistress and Maid


Kendra James in leather corset, long leather gloves and pantyhose being served my kneeling submissive in leather maid uniform


This is one of those images that was love at first site. So much is conveyed in it that I love. There is a stunning Mistress, in this case, Kendra James, dressed in pantyhose, a tight leather corset, and long opera length leather gloves, looking down mischievously at a kneeling submissive in a leather looking satin maid uniform who gazes up adoringly. Part of the power here is not just the servant roleplay, but the clear sexual tension and energy. While the maid in this case is a woman, one could see how in a forced feminization scenario, the image conveys even more the power and enegry.


The true origin of the image I am not sure. I believe this was part of a photo shoot for a leg fetish focused website, HighOnHeels, but I also believe this actually may have been shot as a video clip as well, though I have yet to come across it. If anyone knows of a source of the video clip, I would love to really see this as more than a series of a couple images


Kendra has done a lot of Forced Feminization video clips, and I do try and give credit and share back to the models and Dommes who have definitely stimulated my imagination. So if you enjoy forced feminization videos and find Kendra as alluring as I do, you can find some of her work she did for FEMINIZED here Kendra James - FEMINIZED Clips4Sale. Please note, I have no relationship, affiliate or otherwise. This is just a straight link (excuse the pun) and I receieve no monetary or compensation otherwise.



Feel free to drop a line to me and we can see where it goes