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Forced Femme - Are You This Woman?

As the site has grown, so has my understanding and perspective. Each entry or page has forced me to reflect upon areas, often taking me in a different direction than I previously thought.

The greatest of these is it is more about you, not me. It is very nuanced. But in understanding these subtleties, you will know me at my most vulnerable level. And indeed, if you are this woman, I would love to get to know you.


male receiving a feminizing makeover by three dominant women


The core of what I seek is "enforced feminization." I see this as different from crossdressing. The best way to explain the subtlety is that "enforced feminization" is a form of domination and power exchange. There can be further layers of play that go along with this. The most common scenario perhaps is "Mistress and maid," but I am seeking a woman who enjoys feminizing a man, whether for hours or longer. From a twinkle in her eye to a devilish smile or laugh, her enjoyment drives my satisfaction. The best way I can explain it, the more she is amused and entertained, the more deeply I am excited.


male being feminized by his dominant mistress into her sissy maid


I imagine she would be bisexual. From conversations I have had who have found not only an agreeable partner but an enthusiastic one. They met them dressed en femme at female-centric places like a lesbian bar. This makes sense that a woman attracted to femininity could enjoy molding a man into her girlfriend.

Other traits I could see are feminine, artistic, creative, and most definitely assertive. There likely is a love of style, textures, and even being a little avant-garde at times with her dress. She can be comfortable being bold. She is a leader - whether an executive or one looked at by others to get things done. She is equally comfortable in a power suit as she is in a ball gown. There is a high likelihood she either was or still is an equestrian.


powerful woman in red power suit and another woman in equestrian boots and style


Another way of describing would be becoming a "living doll" to play dress-up. With my current life, work, and the like, there are times where dressing male is more acceptable. But outside of those scenarios, she should have absolute carte-blanch to dictate my presentation. From just lingerie under my male clothes to head-to-toe femme in full makeup, my appearance is dictated by her.


a woman feminizes and transform her husband into her girlfriend, wig, makeup and all


I would love this to get to a level where I a fully passable. Part of what I would like to embrace is a feminine mindset. The connection established is deeper and more complex than most ever experience. Her embracing and indulging this hidden side of me would create absolute devotion. Knowing how completely she not only sees me but then molds me in this for to her liking. I can still give her my strength but at the same time also surrender and be vulnerable. I would adore being half of the couple below.


An attractive woman and her feminized husband dressed for an evening out


It is impossible to answer so many of the related questions. Would I live always dressed en femme? Would I take hormones? Things I view as limits now are dependant on her and what we become as a couple. If she is just looking to be pampered and have a feminized male maid on the weekends, that would be an absolute dream. There are a lot of fun scenarios I can imagine being dressed en femme then restrained and teased. Or perhaps there are weekend trips shopping and dining where my male persona is completely erased, and I live 24/7 over that period as her closest girlfriend. This too can shift over time. Maybe it is something we will grow out of, or maybe it is something that is ever-deepening, I am willing to explore and see just how strong and intimate bond we can create.


A Mistress looks down upon her kneeling and feminized male slaveUltra feminine Mistress and kneeling feminized sissy maid gaze lovingly


Maybe it excites you. Maybe, it is a turn-on. Perhaps you enjoy some mild humiliation and teasing. Or perhaps, it is an expression of your dominance to emasculate and mold a man into your living Barbie doll. Whatever the motivation, if you are a woman who enjoys this, or even reading through this is something you would be interested in trying, I would like to meet you. There is a part of this I am perhaps a little foolish about. I have these notions of a life, and limits, and perhaps straddling two worlds. If you are this woman, you already know that in the end I am powerless. I may be able to resist a little in the short run, but over time, I will become what ever you mold me to be. If that is the best worlds as a duality of a strong man and feminized sissy maid, so be it. Or this could also be total transformation and enslavement where I am completely feminized to live the remainder of my life as your living doll an plaything. The reality is that the only limits that matter is that of your desire.


group of women with their feminized boyfriends in romantic embraces


There is more to this than just dressing sexy in heels, lingerie and dresses. Ultimately this is sharing one of the most vulnerable pieces of who I am. By embracing and sharing this, I want to lose myself in you and create a passionate love where we are totally open about our fears, desires and needs. In embracing this, you will know me at a level that noone ever has. I am sure that as these doors are opened and explored there is far more to be discovered. I adore this collage. In it I see so much love, desires, happiness and connection. I want to be devoted to you, be your everything and absolutely embrace knowing you equally as deep.

An example of some of the playful ideas that excite me as I envision what this relationship may be like can be found in this brief story aptly titled - The Shopping Trip


Feel free to drop a line to and we can see where it goes