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Teased and Feminized While Shopping

My mind wanders into a fun scene.

We are walking through a store, both smartly dressed, though I am in male clothes. We come to a rack, and a sly smile comes upon your lips. Our eyes meet and, yours penetrate deeply within me. There is a twinkle in your eye.


Woman and feminized submissive man walk through mall like a pair of girlfriends shopping


You take a dress off the rack. Still on its hanger, you hold it out, press it up against me, then eying it coyly say, "Oh, how sexy would you be in this?" Maybe my face reddens slightly. There may even be deer caught in the headlights kind of fear and trepidation on my face.


Woman holds up a couple of dresses, deciding which she will make her feminized boyfriend wear


Is that the end of her playful tease? We exchange a few knowing glances. Maybe she is feeling more playful and dominant. Maybe she wants to remind me who is boss. She hands me the dress and then points to the dressing room. "Hurry along. Change. Don't make me wait," she cheerfully exclaims.

I inhale deeply, resigning myself to obey. I enter the dressing room and strip off my male clothes revealing the bra, stockings, panties, and corset that I was wearing underneath. Slipping into the dress, I awkwardly fidget, trying to do up the zipper.

"Need some help again with the zipper, dear?" she calls from the store floor. "The mirrors are out here. Come and show me." She is escalating playfully. I had agreed to this. I gave her complete authority to dress me as she desires. Slipping into my shoes, I exit the dressing room, trying my hardest not to let this embarrass me.

She calls me over to the mirror, has me turn, and then finishes zipping up the dress.

She notices my shoes and then smiles. "That just won't do. Lose the shoes and then up on your toes and give me a twirl. I want to get an idea of how it would look with you in heels. Maybe I should make you always bring a pair in the future since they likely do not have your size." I obey. As I almost pirouette, I relax and enjoy feeling pretty. How lucky am I to have a woman who embraces feminizing me? So very lucky indeed.


a group of woman holds up a couple of dresses, deciding which she will make her feminized boyfriend wear


She glances over and catches the eye of a salesgirl working the floor. "Miss? What do you think? I think it is missing a nice belt to accentuate the figure. Do you have something you think would go with it?"

The salesgirl quickly assesses, smiles, and almost laughs. Her eyes pick up my stocking feet and can quickly assume I am in full lingerie underneath. She catches the edges of my corset printing and showing through the fabric of the dress. "Oh yes! The corset on the outside would be way too much. Twirl for me?" I obey. "Let me pick out a couple of choices."


Mistress takes photo of her and her feminized and dressed boyfriend in store mirror


She departs leaving me in the dress and in front of the mirror. I feel in limbo and desperately missing a wig and makeup. Minutes pass. Maybe the salesgirl is deliberately taking her time knowing that I am exposed. She returns with a couple of belts and holds each one briefly up the dress. She looks to Mistress and asks, "Which one do you like best?" She read the dynamic; the decision is Mistress' alone. My submissiveness heightens realizing that multiple women are now taking part in my feminization.

Mistress selects one. The salesgirl fastens the belt around my waist. "Twirl so we can get a good look," she commands. Standing on my stocking tip-toes I obey. I comply, then demurely smile and lower my eyes submissively.


Nothing says feminized boyfriend than matching outfits


"Yes! She looks absolutely adorable," the salesgirl exclaims.

"She certainly does," Mistress replies. "She'll take both pieces."

Spending the day with her clothes and makeup shopping fully femme would be equally enjoyable. Delightfully getting lost. Being fully immersed in all things feminine. Just being one of the girls with her.


Woman and feminized submissive man explore the makeup counter together


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