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Shall we play a game? As much as I have desires to be dressed head to toe en femme, even strong is the desire to be not only dressed by a woman but for her to "lock" me in that state so that I am incapable of being anything else but her feminized living doll. Transformed, helpless, and entirely under your absolute control. Will I be kept this way for hours or days? That is for you, and you alone to decide.

Years ago, I came across Fran and Contour Corsets. She was MtF and has started a fabulous corset company. She had many amazing designs. It was clear some of the things that excited her also excited me. One of her designs stood out - a locking leather corset that to me seemed inescapable. {SWOON!}


inescapable locking leather corset


From broad shoulder straps to completely concealed and inaccessible laces to even a locking chastity strap - once the locks went on, only the keyholder was freeing the wearing. It was not just the tight lacing, but the shoulder and crotch straps where a plug could also be secured, restraining the wearer.


inescapable locking leather corset


It was not a cheap piece - I think at the time was around 2015 or so, it was just around $1200, but well worth it. How amazing would it be to give a woman that stunning piece and then have it used against me, to feminize and enslave me? I can feel her warm breath upon my ear as she playfully whispers in my ear, "You wanted this. Be careful what you ask for. Hear that? That is the sound of another lock securing your feminization. Only I have the key. There is no escape from my feminization. Every day you are further enslaved. Perhaps I will keep you like this; really transform you. I'll start injecting you with estrogen and watch your face soften and you develop curves. You are absolutely mine!"


inescapable locking leather corset


Quite an investment, but well worth it for such a wickedly delicious piece. One of the only things that kept me from pulling the trigger was carrying a little more weight. This is a piece meant to last a lifetime, and I would be devastated to get to my smallest size and have the corset be too big. Sadly, Fran moved on and no longer is making these. At least I have enough photos where another corsetiere can reproduce, but this is one of those pieces I am sad I never went for.

Below is another delightful creation by Fran, the same inescapable locking design, but a more standard wearable design. I cannot express how erotic and alluring this video is.



Feel free to drop a line to me and we can see where it goes