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Forced Femme - Fond Tribute to Mrs Silk


Iconic. Legendary. These are just some of the words I would use to describe Mrs. Silk.


March (I believe 6th) marks the 15th anniversary of the passing of Mrs. Silk. She was a pioneer and far ahead of her time. One could only imagine the empire she could have built had she been a little younger and had the chance to see the Internet blossom as it has.


In her own words from an early incarnation of her website (that too she was early on, 1996 or so)

My name is Mrs. Silk. I have been feminising gentlemen for as long as I care to remember. Over the years I have transformed hundreds of gentlemen into pretty sissy maids and glamorous ladies. I live in a beautiful private country home complete with an indoor swimming pool. Situated In Kent, England

I have 3 full-time sissy maids Millie, Jane, and Nyssa. They perform all of the household chores and any other duties they are asked to perform. Above all we have fun here at Mrs. Silk's well at least the Mistresses do, it is not my concern as to whether the maids are having fun. They are simply here to serve me and the other Mistresses. It is my way of life and much more than a business and above all else I enjoy myself.

Banner from Mrs Silk House of Enforced Feminisation website


From her long golden hair, hour-glass figure, red pouty lips, and fine silk lingerie, hosiery, corsets, heels, and leathers, she was both a classic sex symbol as well as a role model for ultra femininity. Add to that her clear British lineage, accent, and protocols, and she was for some and adventure and fantasy all rolled into one.


This is where the twist comes in - the throng of admirers and dreamers who were drawn to her wanted something different - They wanted her to rub off and guide them down a road to frills and lace. Her "House of Enforced Feminisation" became a destination and dream for those who liked to slip into lingerie and be a different gender, if only for a little while. Her specialty was most definitely sissy maids and she most definitely was the Lady of the manor being waited on and "correcting" these wayward servants. Even in her late 50s and early 60s, she was irresistible.


She had style and panache. While I cannot identify her lingerie, she often was adorned in leathers by Versace and Jitrois - two designers not surprisingly, known for blending power and femininity. Both Gianni and Jean-Claude seemed to channel the feminine power and indeed, create looks that could bring men to their knees.


I never was fortunate to meet or converse with her. Had I lived in the UK or had she lived in the US, she likely would have been a temptation too hard to resist. Best I can tell, she passed in 2006 from a battle with breast cancer, though her site continued for a decade more still releasing photosets and content from her legacy.


She loved feminizing men. Whether it was the power she could illicit over them, or the transformation and release of allowing some to be whom and what they yearned to be, it was her world, and to be in it, one had to embrace femininity. But she was wickedly creative as well - in one of the images in this tribute is what is best called a Sissy Maid Lamp.


Since the pictures do not do it justice, let me elaborate on the first image which is so demonstrative of her creativity and expression. There is a wooden platform that had dividers and spacing for the feet. Rising from the platform in the rear is a firm and solid wooden post. At the calves and just above the knees are a pair of wooden stockades that fasten and lock on the sides, immobilizing the legs. At the thighs are a pair of leather straps that then secure the hips to the mid-point of the post. The waist is then belted to the post, the neck is collared and locked to the top of the post and the wrists and arms are cuffed to the post in the back. A functional lamp with oversized shade is fitted to the top of the post, insert and restrain helplessly one sissy maid, and you have a humiliating display that is also functional and utilitarian.


She created another world. A world of lace, sissy maids, elegance, femininity, and indeed, power. She was the Lady and matriarch. She brought forth a vision, a fantasy, and tapped into a core desire hidden so deeply in some men and made it manifest.


Feel free to take a deep dive into one of my favorite images of her of all time and what it brings forth in me - It can be found at Mrs. Silk Jitrois as well as enjoy a few select images below. Click on the thumbnails to see larger versions. These images were curated by myself that I wanted to show not only her style but amazing beauty. She has been deeply missed. Her passing left a void that may never be filled. It was less illusion than genuine reality - her world was an inspiration and dream for so many men who desired to be frocked and feminized.


Mrs Silk Sissy Maid Lamp Mrs Silk stunning in silver laced corset, hosiery and gloves Mrs Silk with pair of kneeling sissy maids


Mrs Silk sexy in pink corset, lingerie, hosiery with riding crop Inconic Mrs Silk in blue silk Pussybow tie neck blouse Mrs Silk ballgags a sissy maid wearing blue corset and long leather gloves


Mrs Silk with sissy maid in boudior


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