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Images I Like - Mrs Silk and Mistress Maria in Jitrois leather suits


Mrs Silk and Mistress Maria in Jitrois leather suits being served by satin sissy maid


For me, this is an almost perfect image.


First and foremost, Mrs. Silk and Mistress Maria look so stylish and domineering in leather skirt suits. The leather suits themselves are exquisite. They are Jean-Claude Jitrois circa 1985 +/- 2 years. They are beautifully crafted from fine French buttery lambskin and tailored as only the 80s did so well with nipped, and even corseted waistline, padded shoulder, and fitted pencil skirts. The black leather screams power and sex appeal, and the cut is pure feminine grace. The femininity is then accentuated by the lace mesh fascinator hats to just add a certain "Je nais sais quo" to the overall flair. The message is reinforced by Mistress Maria wielding a riding crop.


On their knees, as they should be, is a subservient and feminized maid attending and applying leather conditioner. They are fully dressed and feminized, head to toe in satin and lace, and clearly at the beck and call of these two alluring and dominating women.


The leather is a particular trigger for me. But this is not some tough biker leather or cheap stiff leather, these are high-end fashion leather suits. Perhaps only Azzedine Alaia and some particular Karl Lagerfeld and Gianni Versace creations can compare, but for the period, there was no equal. While Claude Montana was a master as well for leather fashion, Jitrois grasped the juxtaposition of so many elements from feminity to power all blended and expressed through fashion.


Mrs. Silk was also wickedly creative - knew that some men wanted to be forced and kept as her feminized servants, and was not hesitant in the least to apply bondage or lock the dresses or heels on to the maids. Some of her creativity can be found in my tribute to the 15th anniversary of her passing when describing the Sissy Maid Lamp.


I would have been helpless to this pair of leather-clad vixens. I eagerly would have not only welcomed their attention, but I would have delighted in what they would be able to bring out in me. It would have been wonderful to have her input in creating a truly inescapable locking leather maid's uniform, and how delightful would it have been to let her dress and them keep me, even if only for hours, perhaps a day, as her feminized slave.


As I reflect now, there is something so deep in even the choice of words for her site. For her, it was not "forced" feminization, but "enforced". Like those so lucky to spend time with her, the dressing was something that we wanted. But also importantly, we wanted to have that enforced, to have our will and liberation removed, to be dressed by her will at her desire and kept in that manner so long as she chose.


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