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Images I Like - Tea in the Park


an elegant woman peers over her sunglasses, dressed in a fabulous leather coat and enjoying tea in a park

It is not only about fetish.


I do adore this picture, and it relaxes me. The POV shot allows me to insert myself into the image, which I can stare at and get lost.


For starters - She is gorgeous, stylish, and has a certain elegance and presence to her. As a connoisseur of fine leather, her coat is exquisite. Whether Gucci, Jitrois, or Alaia, it is a tailored coat with fine lines. The leather is a premium butter-soft lambskin. It is impeccable. It is more fashion than fetish but has power and air to it nonetheless.


Her hair is not quite coiffed and has a relaxed nature to it. She is more relaxed than polished, and while caring for appearance, comfort and time was more the priority. She is leaned in, and with her head tilted and looking over her sunglasses, she is seeking to make eye contact and connection.


There are additional symbolic needs addressed as well. The Mistress represents love, acceptance, and union. Whether it is more of a partnership or delineated more as Mistress and slave, the bond of a relationship is paramount. One of my greatest fears of feminization is isolation. If I embrace feminization on my own, will it lead to being shunned and an outcast? Societal acceptance, at least to some degree, is a powerful motivator.


I long to sit across from her. I am less concerned with what I am dressed in, but rather knowing it would be en femme. I desire to sip upon the coffee or tea, catch the hint of fragrance of her perfume, and just hang on every last word, hearing the melody in her voice.


While in public, I know that despite all that is around us, it is just us, connected and enjoying each other's company. Part of this journey I desire deeply is to escape from myself, to wrap myself up in femininity, and for an image like this, to be girlfriends and connected in womanhood.



Feel free to drop a line to me and we can see where it goes