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Images I Like - Who Are You?


Mysterious woman in fur-trimmed long leather coat


It is far from a magazine photo. It is a beautiful young woman, posing in a long leather coat, in the entry way of what looks to be a normal home.


But in many ways the image is perfect - or close to it. Perhaps the only thing I would change is a nicer pair of boots... or at least a little sexier high heel. Outside of that? She has a young, fresh beauty, looking to be early 20s perhaps, maybe approaching 30, with flowing straight auburn hair, and such a soft gaze and smile


She wears a lucious long leather coat, trimmed in thick plush fur. The belted coat has a nice shine appearing to be perhaps a luxurious lambsking that runs all the way to her ankles. Her and the coat are so inviting. I imagine the feel of the fur against my cheek as my arm is around her waist, and her around mine as we walk. Whether it is her smile, the beautiful coat, or everything together, I am dawn in and just want to cuddle up and embrace her.


The best I can gather, this simple image was likely shot for selling the coat on eBay of all places, buy I am left with the question nonetheless - "Who are you?" Maybe she will see this or someone who knows her will pass it along? There is something again so inviting - in her eyes or in her smile - It could be easy to see her being one of those love at first sight women that one just fars deeply in love with. Maybe one day she will find me and say hello, if only to allow me to complimet her on such a lovely smile and presence, and out of all of the images, hers is one of my favorites.


Feel free to drop a line to me and we can see where it goes