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Images I Like - Boots and Spurs


Leather boots, large round spurs, and strapon

Boots and Spurs


Some images are carnal. They convey more than a thousand words - they connote so many ideas, desires, and even send shivers and goosebumps throughout the body.


Some of these can be total overload - so many elements, that by themselves send quiver through the body, but then to have element upon element, upon element - it is one that short circuits the mind.


So where to begin. The above image is a good place to start. It is not the image of yesterday that re-opened this door and flood of thoughts, but has so many of the elements I wish to share. So while I am not sharing and posting Her image, I can allude to those feelings and desires, brought forward again to the surface.


First and foremost - Boots. Probably one of my earliest fetish was being drawn to boots, especially with beautiful heels, and even better the higher they rise. They also do so much for the wearer. Many of the high-heeled ones, not only add stature to wearer, but they elongate the legs, lengthen and shape the calves and even create feminine shapes and curves to the ankles. They exude power, almost like armor, but a seductive and feminine power. I remember from the early 90s, Danielle Locke speaking on wanting her boots adored tenderly, as specifically focusing at the back of the ankle as almost a G-spot. They are one of the most versatile pieces as well. Whether worn over clothes, with lingerie, or just by themselves, perhaps only the leather corset and leather gloves are equally versatile.


There is a quiet intimacy that goes along with the power they exude. They possess that energy that makes one want to supplicate and kneel, thereby towering the wearer even moreso over the person. As well, it casts a sense of reservation. One is not worshipping at Her feet, but rather what cloths them. There is electricity to press my lips upon them, to feel the leather beneath them, finding just enough tender pressue that She can feel the adoration through the leather. It is another to taste the leather. To press my tounge and taste them, hungerly making long and short strokes, seeing them glisten, wanting no inch uncovered. Opening my mouth and taking in the toe of the boot is like suckling at a breast. Wanting as much as can fit in my mouth and knowing it is fatherest point of her body. Kissing and licking the sole expresses servitude. And then the heel. That can make my mouth water. There is something phallic about kneeling before a woman, taking as much heel as will fit in the mouth and sucking on it like it was a cock.


Leather boots, boot worship


Aside - yes, the above is me, locking leather strait jacket, leg sack, suspended, and sucking on the heel of one of my then Mistress' girlfriends in a sexy North Bound Leather dress and fabulous boots. Back to my thoughts...


That kind of brings me to the spurs. Spurs like these can be a little bit of a challenge to lick and kiss. There can always be small jabs, pinches, but like thorns to a rose, they convey more power and there is a bite possible for treading so closely and not doing so in the utmost devoted manner.


But what brings this all together - the strap-on. Perhaps it is the earned reward from a lengthy boot worship session, but to then be able to move in closer. It is big. Intimidating. But the desire so strong to kneel and take in in my mouth. To kiss it. Flick my tongue across the tip. Run my tongue along the shaft. Getting it wet with my saliva before inserting it into my mouth and feeling it going deep. Look again at the image. See those spurs. They line up so well with the back of the neck. Cock in mouth, I can feel those legs wrap around my head, crossed the spurs now angled at my neck.


The real magic begins with Her. Is She pleased. Does it excite Her too. Does She feel the passion, adoration and excitement. How She responds, guides, and progresses ultimately makes all the differnce. She receives the inital adoration and energy, and She alone can amplify it. It is here, in these moments where one floats and transcends.


Boot worship for me is something highly sexual that does not involve the genitals. The sensations are very carnal, but in an intimate way. It is a shared fetishized adornment. It is creating the exchange of how the leather and boots make Her feel about herself, whether power, pleasureful, or seductive, and then how those illicit and blend with what they foster in another. It is more a deep and intimate expression of desire and adoration. My words cannot do it justice.



Feel free to drop a line to me and we can see where it goes