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Images I Like - Mistress Adrienne NYC


Dear reader, you will notice that unlike others in this section, this is more than a single image, and likely I would have a hard time picking just one. Amy Draa, who was a Dominatrix in NYC under Mistress Adrienne sadly passed December 29, 2019 of late-stage ovarian cancer. I was lucky enough to know her, spend time with her, collaborate with her on photo and video projects, as well as one of the things I truly relished, was sharing our love of exquisite leathers. These images are but just a few, but each has one or more fabulous designer leather pieces. She was larger than life – had a voracious appetite for exploring and most of all living. She enjoyed immersing herself in things that could move her – from her love of traveling the world and seeing operas in every corner to making men squirm, or draping herself in luxurious and opulent clothes, she was far more than that. She is missed.


Mistress Adrienne in Moschino Balloon Cuff leather gloves


The first image is one of my favorites – The Moschino balloon cuff gloves were actually my gift to her. I came across them at a steal, and just knew they deserved to express life, and that they did. There are easily a half a dozen different shoots where they make an appearance. They are a statement piece, and she did know how to make statements.


Mistress Adrienne in Tom Ford Gucci Lambskin Leather Pussy Bow tie-neck leather blouse


Next, the Gucci pussy-bow lambskin leather blouse. As much as I enjoyed dressing Amy, she was slim to say the least. She was dedicated in maintaining her body and while 34 can be tight on most, she would oven need a 32 in the French sizes. While I have owned easily 8 of these Tom Ford creations, the Gucci or the Yves Saint Laurent when he was doing double duty – This was the only 34 I ever have seen. For an Italian size, that is often a piece where only a couple are made in a run, where most would be 36 – 40. This blouse became a center-piece of a project we worked on. Sadly, though it fit her like it was made for her, she could be mercurial at times, and she decided to pass on it. I warned her to take it if she even had the slightest notion she would change her mind, because it was one of those pieces I know will only be seen once because of the size. She had made up her mind, though inquired about wanting it 6 months later, but it was gone.


Mistress Adrienne in vintage Claude Montana flowing oversized cowl collar leather dress coat


Likewise, this red calfskin leather empress coat from Claude Montana was to tie for. It was a size 38 which was 2 sizes too big maybe 3 because of the style, but the large oversize collar was almost a cross between a cowl and almost a hood… the leather flowed and it really was a piece she should have taken and had tailored. That would have been oodles with the amount needed, but the leather was special – and having handled easily 1000 leather high end garment – this leather drew you it. Sadder still. It was a throw in piece we only videos for some Q&A pieces. I never got the chance to really shoot her properly, nor find the right setting.


Mistress Adrienne in laced back Versace red leather top and Jitrois black leather pencil skirt


The red leather top is Versace, and this series of the collection was made famous by Halle Berry who wore the pieces in black for “Die Another Day” and the skirt is a fabulous Jean Claude Jitrois that had a perfect shape, a gorgeous semi-aniline leather, and… what can I say, Jitrois is just magnifique!


Mistress Adrienne in Northbound Leather black leather bodysuit, Versace lace-up boots, and Jitrois long leather coat


And last but not least – Fashion and fetish blend. North Bound Leather sleeveless body suit, Versace lace up boots, Jitrois long leather dress coat, and the phallus… well just adds that little “punch” to the picture.


I never did any play with Adrienne. I procured fabulous pieces, we hung out, I photographed and videoed her. She came to visit me, and the few days were packed trying to shoot what we could of the amazing leather collection I had built over decades. These pictures only scratch the surface. But where this fits in even more, though it never came to fruition. Amy did have a soft spot for so many of drag community. One project that we had tried to bring to life was have me source out some amazing leathers for a certain performer she just adored. Adrienne’s vision was both of them head to toe, draped and wrapped up in luxurious leather, and I was to spend that weekend not only shooting, but being their feminized leather bitch/maid/slave. To say I was enthusiastic is to put it mildly, but so many conflicting dates, venues, etc. just made it so it was never so. C’est la vie. As that project crumbled, so much of what became the majority of these images came to be.


You are missed, not forgotten, and often in my prayers. I do miss not seeing new images on your twitter on instagram feeds, whether from this, or Mistress Opera. Rest in Peace


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