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Images I Like - HRT


Mrs Silk makes her sissy maid swallow a dose of estrogen to further feminize her slave

Estrogen pills


Another powerful image. A kneeling sissy maid opens wide and receives and estrogen pill from Mrs Silk while another sissy looks on. How far will this path go?


Like one of the similar images post, this is erotic as well as terrifying. It is erotic and exciting in seeing just how far the journey can go. The Mistress does not just tollerate the dressing, but encourages to the point of perhaps full feminization. Women like this do exist. One of whom, does not fully engage personally with those under her, but make no mistake, the gurls under her are guided to being fully feminized. Those who engage with her are guided and molded. Where inhibitions and fears once existed, they are conditioned and new enthusiasm and desire replaces those hesitations.


It is far from a game. But more and more, dressers who find encouraging women are often finding ones who want to take their submission more fully and so envision true transformation and ownership.


These days, it is not hard to find herbal Pueraria Mirifica, which with long term dosing in men can start a feminization process. Or, with a little more work, one can find Spironolactone and Estradiol Valerate which is more the course used by those transitioning. While there are some FTM transgender, by far more common are those transitioning to women, and if anything the results can often be shockingly good. Self-dosing can still be dangerous, but some turn to this path.


The medical and monitored path can be accessible or not-so much depending on where one lives. It is not uncommon to have to wait months and months to even years to take the steps and get the counseling and evaluation necessary to get legal perscriptions


Though I do wonder, especially as the world changes and there is more acceptance and right activism, will women who embrace this side have at their fingertips the means and methods to enslave and feminize to their whims. But don't be naive, these tools do exist and are available to the more resourceful.


But back to the images - Such an alluring and mesmerizing pair. The soft sweet smile on Mrs Silk's lips, as well as the pinching of her sissy's nose, almost saying, "No no. You need to swallow." There is almost a mama bird - baby bird feel with the wide open mouth.



Feel free to drop a line to me and we can see where it goes