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Images I Like - Mistress Adrienne & sissy


Mistress Adrienne at a bar being serviced by her sissy


Next month will be the 2 year anniversy of Amy (Mistress Adrienne NYC) passing to Ovarian Cancer. Far too often these days I am reminded of her by scammers and posers that use her images to try and attract unsuspecting people into believing the gorgeous leather-clad Domme they are chatting with is actually Adrienne. One would think with how prolific the images are that people would realize there are a dozen profile in different locations, etc., but that is far too much to ask


So I decided to focus on a far more positive image. There are so many elements in this image. For one, from her posture and demeaner, Amy has an air of power and regality, yet you can see how comfortable and relaxed she is. There is a softness to her expression and indeed, a contentment.


She is being waited on by one of her slave who has been feminized. They are dressed conservatively but still en femme, and highlights that not everything needs to be frilly maids or fetish. Upon a closer examination, they may even be wearing the same eyeshadow, or at least it is in the same family, though I believe on her slave, the lower may have the blue/silver, but the upper portion is more red/rose.


I cannot tell if they are coming or going - whether the slave is courteously taking her fur coat, or in fact putting it on her. But aboe all there is an attentiveness and clear caring that you can see in her downturned eyes and her nature towards Adrienne.


There is a clear bond. At the core, for so many that desire feminization, whether forced, fully transitioning including estrogen or SRS, or the occasional crossdressing, there is a gratitude towards the feminizer, whether as an acknowledgement for their role in the feminization, or merely for accpeting and allowing the emasculauon and embracing of the femininity. So much of what I want is a partner who embraces fully this side of me, even to the degree where they are the ones always pushing more and more.



Feel free to drop a line to me and we can see where it goes