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Images I Like - My Beautiful Lady by Ali Franco


'My Beautiful Lady' by Ali Franco depicting woman in lingerie applying lipstick to feminized male slave in loving manner


This is a painting by Ali Franco and entitled "My Beautiful Lady." There is something expressive in it, and you can almost feel the energy flowing between he and she. It is something that is hard to explain, unless you have experienced it, but there is something that is part erotic and very intriquing about being made up by a woman. While this is not the fetish / forced aspect that I have described, actually the core of some of that energy is in the painting - It is that, albeit perhaps transient, molding of the male to fit the fancies of the woman, if only for but a little while. She highlights and draws out physical aspect and blends their energies into something more feminine, and perhaps at this is the core that appeals to some women who enjoy this kind of play... Just as your favorite cocktail is so often a combination of complementary and sometimes contracting flavors and liquors - so to is the transformation of this person, who at minimul is her canvas.


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