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Images I Like - Waiting


While I tend to be more leather than latex, this is such an alluring image.

What crosses my mind, was this gurl put into this position to await being called into service, or was she instructed to prepare, to put herself into self-bondage and then await the Mistress. Either way, it is an alluring image.


Feminized male in latex catsuit, leather corset, blindfolded and gagged, waits...


I do wonder what is going through her head. With the blindfold tightly in place, the mind is free to wonder. As well, for the gag, is it a ball-gag or perhaps it is a penis gag? Does it fill her mouth... Force her to work against the gag reflex as she likely so desires to be taken by her Mistress' strap-on.

But there is such nice symmetry. From the leather blindfold and gags, to the restraints, there is a consistent black leather with red leather piping. Same for the latex corset, tightly laced upon her waist. Also admirably, is her posture with is proper and upright and not slouched. She clearly has been properly trained and desires to impress and honor her Mistress.

I imagine she came home from work, found a note instructing her how to dress, and that she was the one who fastened the restraints, making herself vulnerable, and then left to wait. Perhaps she at first rushed, not being prepared and fearing not being in place by the time Mistress comes home. Then to get into place and wait... and wait... and wait. While it feels like hours, perhpas it has only been 10 minutes.

There is labor and effort in this position as well. She has added ample breasts, and over time, maintaining this position with the weight of the breasts, and while less than real, between the corset and the breasts, the position will increasingly become more a strain over time.

Regardless. Femninized and restrained {SWOON} - What is not to love.


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