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Images I Like - "Man to Maiden"


Cover graphic of 'Man to Maiden' movie - two women forcibly feminize a male slave


This cover art is one of those seminal images that always stuck in my mind and created all these twisted but delightful fantasies. It is also one of those things, being from the 80s where they tried to have a plot - 80s porn was actually kind of cool in that way, though the dialog delivery does make it painful at times. It is also clear that this was something that was quickly produced, as they were producing it the plot just did not work, and it quickly was re-edited but the description was never updated. The original plot is Lonny is a lounge singer, picked up by two dommes who take him home, feminize him, and turn him into a female singer. What was produced is more of a man is caught in wearing his wive's pantys, she is upset, he begs for her to keep him but expresses he loves women's clothing, she calls up a Domme friend, they then take him, put him into tight bondage and feminize him.


Completely unrealistic, and campy with the large needle they use to "give him hormones" to make him grow breasts, raise his voice, etc., but at least it was done in a somewhat decent manner where Lonny is played by a crossdressed woman so the process results in what is often the ideal, a female in the end. These movies in the end all seemed to be produced as well to sell gear. There were companies like Centurians who were one of the mass producers of fetish gear, not nearly on par with the likes of Fetters, Mr S Leather, Northbound Leather, etc., but for many entering or just discovering things, it was, and excuse the pun, a "captive audience". Like myself, many "discovered" that others had these fantasies when we found the fetish sections of adult bookstores and there was not the internet. So fetish publications fit into three categories in general :

  1. Pictorials - These were stories with photos - harkening back to the books by Stanton, Willie, Gene Bilbrew
  2. Personals - really focus on reader ads in back half and some stories and photos to entertain in the front
  3. Catalogs - the clothes and gear was the selling point, but the modeling was somewhat editorial


Hot audio clip from the movie


Movies like this were produced by Bizarre Video Productions and so much of the gear and clothes were what was being sold by Centurians, so you would see the videos advertised in back of a publication and in many ways the videos were ads to try and sell the gear as well. Outside of that, the movie is a little more heavy on latex on the two Dommes, Rita (Ann Pierce) who is the wife and her friend Cassandra (Veronica Moon) who is her Dominatrix friend. And while I am not a big latex fan, Cassadras black latex dress with 80s oversided victorian sleeves and Rita's red latex high-waisted harem pants were sexy


Cover graphic of 'Man to Maiden' movie - two women forcibly feminize a male slave


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