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Images I Like - Dream II


Leashed feminized male awaits the needs of their corseted muse

Dream IIs


Such an amazing image - encapsulating so much of what I desire.


Is this a case of "be careful what you wish for...?". In the background, a fully dressed and feminized male kneels and is in a collar attached to a leash. Her face is fully downturned and eyes downturned with an almost stoic expression.


Holding the other end of a leash, a smiling and beaming woman, sexily attired in fishnets, platform pumps and corset, accentuating her femininity. There is a glint in her eyes and a bright smile upon her lips. The juxtaposition of their two faces says so much. On the dressed slave - almost a look of resignation to their plight, and on the woman, joyful satisfaction, pondering what lies next and relishing in her role. The leash, signifies her power and grasp, simply stating, "I will mold you into what ever I want"


Maybe this was more than the dresser had originally thought they wanted. Was she discovered? Did she purposely get caught? It does not matter, but in the end, her other half embraced the idea and has made it full hers.


As discussed, most visitors her don't need to be forced, but rather are looking for that feminine influence that not only accepts but fully dives in. No matter the manner that this side of us was revealed, we are looking for that woman who not only will jump in, but push us. At the core, we all know if takes a woman to make a woman, and for us to express fully this side, it is through a woman's lead that the best form and image of us that we desire can be achieved.


Perhaps even those fortunate among us who have women who help us along the way - from style choices to tutoring and education in the application of makeup - this so often is a collaboration - a back and forth, but we wait and want that input to increase. Ultimately we are looking for them to pick up the leash, attach it, and guide us down that path. There is some inner fear and trepidation as we realize that control is shifting, and if she so desires, that control is permanent.


The leash holder is stunningly beautiful. Sexy. Feminine and alluing. She is the template and measure of what we hope to become - knowing that we will only achieve a fraction, but it is still a target and baseline to strive for. More so, She seems to fully enjoy the situation. The glint in her eyes, to me at least, conveys not only intelligence, but a fun-loving nature. It is what most of us dream of. Oh to be so lucky



Feel free to drop a line to me and we can see where it goes