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Cover art Eric Stanton Escape into Bondage, Man to Maiden cover


It is a bit cliche, but it has been said that "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery." So one of the things I find so amazing is when I see images that I have loved and then realized that they are much older, and in many cases, it is litterally an image that has been copied and reworked.


Such is the case with a cover of the 80s Feminization movie I have posted earlier, Man to Maiden. By clicking on the link, you can find my write up on the movie. Then when going through images for my Tumblr, I would this cover art work for "Escape into Bondage, Book II". These were a pair of illustrated books by famed fetish artist, Eric Stanton, and published in 1963 by H-H Associates.


So as you can see in the side by side, the core position and staging of the image is striking. I took it one step further, scaled the images to roughly the same size, and then overlayed and made the Escape cover semi-transparent, and you can see for yourself - the two images line up almost perfectly. It looks like the artwork for Man to Maiden was the Eric Stanton artwork which then had a different background done to create the dungeon, moved and reworked the Mistress in the background and then slightly drew over new clothes and other minor adjustments.


Overlap of Eric Stanton and Man to Maiden cover


Do you know of other similar examples? Do you agree with my assessment. Feel free to drop me a line and leave me your thoughts at