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To be the "locked" Leather Maid...

It has been a driving fantasy as far back as even childhood. I loved the feeling when young of when the girls would always chase and tease the boys. As part of that, I would always fantasize about being "caught" and as part of the capture, she would feminize and dress me in girly clothes. But the kicker, she would "lock" the clothes on. In this state, I was her prisoner, helpless to leave for fear of being embarrassed and seen in such a manner.

At the core, there is pure practicality to this. While dressing and bondage seem to go hand and hand, and that so many that fall into the enforced feminization camp adore being made helpless, that is something that takes effort and time on the part of the Mistress, and while it should be completely entraining and enjoyable for her, it does not add much by way of productivity. On the contrary, in these visions of mine, the feminized maid is enforceably feminized. They are helplessly dressed, but they are mobile and able to serve and do chores. Whether their Mistress is present or not, they are in the appearance of her choosing and will remain so until unlocked.

My Leather Maid vision goes something like this. Cleanly shaved, I slip into silky lingerie and stockings. This leather dress slipped on me. The dress has been customized so the zipper can be locked.


Sexy leather dress - perfect for the base of maid uniform by adding apron.


Next a leather corset it tightly laced, giving me that feminine shape. The corset as well, deviously designed, also is locked on. Both the dress and corset are inescapable without the keys.


Locking leather corset


I step into a pair of heels that lock at the ankles. Each element that further feminizes me is also incapable of myself removing.


Locking High Heel Leather Pumps


If she is in a playful mood, she may restrain me at the vanity and apply my makeup. Helplessly I watch as my face transforms to its most feminine form. Or she commands me to put on my pretty face and full makeup and wig are added.

Finally, the apron is fastened which locks in the rear. It has d-rings at its sides. Wrist cuffs are then locked on and attached to these rings by a short length of chain. This allows for a fair degree of movement but acts as a reminder and restraint as well.


Locking Leather Maid Uniform Apron


The day would then continue. Perhaps I would be at her beck and call as she slowly began her day and relaxed. To attend to her, dress, apply her makeup and nails. I have images in my mind of lovingly brushing her long hair as she reads and sips on a coffee. She may then go out, enjoy part of the day, leaving me a list of chores to be inspected upon her return, and knowing I am under her complete authority in this state, even when she is absent.

This feminization is inescapable. She can transform me into whatever image she desires, for as long as she desires, and I am helpless to resist. I am a living doll - a plaything.

There is something so much very deeper at play beneath the surface. At the core, there is a deep-seated desire for me to please. I am driven off of her pleasure, satisfaction, and smiles. The transformation is exertion and a statement of her power not only on my physical form but my inner self as well.

The inescapability allows true surrender and escape. It allows me to shed my conscious masculine self and fully accept a new form. At its pinnacle, there would be no recognition of my former self in the feminine face looking back in the mirror.

As well, the deepest part of this is all about energy and connection. The dress, restraints, and those physical forms while exciting, have nowhere near the charge of the connection. This is what I have begun to understand through creating this site. It is in expositions like these, where I try and express and communicate my desires, that even I start unlocking and revealing the deeper meaning of things.

At the core, I love so much to do with women's clothes, especially the textures and feel of silk, angora, leather, and fur. I adore the way high-heels reshape the leg and the look of a fabulous pair of tall boots. In this play, there is an implicit release of my ego, guilt, and facing the internal checks and balances. I am absolved of that by her authority over me.

Where the synergy comes in, and what I truly desire, is when this is in the alignment of her desires. Whether it is an expression of her desire to dominate, or her enjoyment of bringing forward a softer side, where this works is when she is just as excited about feminizing me as much as I am of being feminized. I want that playful banter and twinkles in the eye as she softly teases me by alluding to things she has in store for me. It would be so amazing to see the creative gears turn and time passes and we become more skilled at advancing the transformation. Beyond the fetish aspects of the vision presented, it would be enthralling to each dress up and spend a night on the town or to go shopping as girlfriends. The only limits are that of our imagination and creativity.


Feel free to drop a line to me and we can see where it goes