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Be Careful What You Ask For...

"Be careful what you ask for...," is the appropriate tagline to the opening page. The simple truth is that this path often leads to points of no return. It is easy to fantasize about having these escapes layered with periods of helplessness that excite and arouse. But ultimately once another person is involved, especially when they are the one who yields so much of the power, helplessness can become the new reality.

This shift in the power dynamic is a common theme in forced feminization stories. The escalation starts when an unknowing partner first discovers the dressing which has been hidden. While the subject secretly desired their partner to be a part of their dressing, the fear of rejection is a primary motivation that has pushed the activity to be hidden. First, there is anger and even frustration. Then slowly, she comes around and embraces the idea. She starts to enjoy being able to dominate her partner, perhaps relishes in some humiliations, or even having her sissy maid. Soon, the person finds that their partner's new support of their dressing is now demanded.

At this point, the dresser finds themselves more and more under their partner's control. Many of the stories then progress to the dresser becoming feminized 24/7, becoming a maid to their partner who now has taken the Mistress role, and being inescapably held as her feminized slave. The slave's hair is grown out and kept in feminine hairdos. They may have breast augmentation surgery to enhance their shape. Their penis, which has long been kept locked in chastity at this point, serves as a reminder of their former self long gone and the feminized future ahead.

Underlying all of this is the fact and reality that dressing can be compromising. For a person that has a form of gender dysphoria, a transition to womanhood is something they embrace and accept. For the hidden dresser, for whom the activity is an escape, their partner gains significant leverage. While mild private humiliation can be exciting, the fear of public exposure holds them captive.

This leverage grows even more when the dressing is supplemented with bondage or enforced feminization. Soon, the restrained sissy may find that their transformation or state is videoed and photographed. As this documented evidence grows, the helplessness increases, and soon the sissy realizes that they are owned absolutely. What was once fantasy and occasional play is now their new reality. Their desires have now enslaved them to another. There is no escape.

Some want that. They deeply desire that complete and absolute level of surrender. They masturbate to the stories where the dresser eventually retires and lives 24/7 as a feminized slave. Their highly paid partner embraces the life of luxury of being waited on hand and foot. They relish in their absolute authority. To the new slave, it is not a form of abusive blackmail. They want all of their inner resistance and conflict removed. They desire deepening and more intricate levels of surrender.

There is a duality to the emotions of excitement and fear that coexist.

Where I fall on this, I remain unsure. I am extremely trainable and moldable, especially when it comes to things that excite me. For the right woman, with a deep level of trust, intimacy, and shared desires, I am not sure I could deny anything to her. That scares me. But at the same time, why would I want to resist her?

And if I should? Some time locked securely in the cage should remind me of what I have gotten myself into.


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