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Marry Me and Be My Forever.


Femdom Groom in black leather suit and sissy bride in white wedding dress


While it seems humorous to say, being a bride was something until recently I never considered. As I explored these sides and saw what was out there, and such a diverse spectrum it is, there was one segment, the "sissy brides" that I just had no emotion to either way.

So what changed?

Marriage is important to me. Despite some of these other desires, I generally would be thought of with the traditional masculine traits of being a provider, protector, and leader. In all honesty, my feminine fantasies are an escape and almost feel like a completely different person.

It was out of that, the genesis of dual weddings came to mind. The first would be the standard traditional wedding of bride and groom and all that it entails. The second would be the inverse. I imagine you, dressed sexily in a 3-piece black leather suit, accentuating not only femininity and beauty but power as well. As the bride, I can imagine anything from a traditional white lace wedding dress to perhaps something non-conventional as well. There is something beautiful and elegant about the rear-corseted white leather dress I adore, perhaps adding a white leather and lacy bolero as well.


Femdom Groom in black leather suit Femdom Groom in black leather suit


Sissy bride in white leather dress Sissy bride in wedding dress


My vows would include the traditional lover honor and cherish, but since enforce feminization themed, would also include obedience and femininity.


I pledge my undying love to you. I promise to be kind, unselfish, respectful, and trustworthy so that together, our dreams of a beautiful future can come true. From here forward, I give myself to you as the embodiment of a living doll. I am yours to dress as you desire as well as to be guided under your tutelage - be it a girlfriend or living barbie doll to tease, or as a personal maid to serve and attend - I am yours in however deep feminization pleases you.


To me, the ceremony is more of a formalization. In many ways, it is complete surrender. As my feminine side, I am taking formal vows. the reversed dressing and structure define the roles and ultimately I seek an inseparable bond. It can even be taken further, where at the end, the bride and bridesmaids restrain me in an armbinder, collar, and gag, and leashed I am led off to then have the marriage consummated.

In many ways, it is an exaggerated fantasy, none of which I expect to be reality. But what I truly want, is something that is forever. I am looking for an open-minded woman, willing to explore and perhaps even more difficult, to separate - to see me not only as a masculine man but as well as a living doll.

In the end, what I desire to explore, which granted, I may find out is a pandora's box, but it is for naught if in the end it does not excite, bring satisfaction, or even bliss to you. What I seek is "enforced feminization." I am looking for a woman who enjoys and desires to not only feminize me from time to time but to exert a level of control where I know I am in that state so long as she wants. If that entails me becoming her "sissy maid" to be dressed and do all the housework while she relaxes and then inspects. that is indeed as fair a proposition as they come. Ultimately, if she would have such an expression of enjoyment as below in terms of the activities as a whole, it is something that would completely endear, enthrall and enrapture me to no ends.


Mistress Maria in Jitrois leather dress embraces sissy maid


Feel free to drop a line to me and we can see where it goes